About Us

We help you get more value from your Troux implementation. We have worked with Troux's technologies for over 15 years, providing add-on solutions and support to clients in Asia Pacific, US and Europe.

As Troux practitioners we have implemented proven methods and solutions for transformation management that naturally extend, and leverage off, what Troux provides out of the box. We provide pre-packaged add-on modules including Business Requirements, Solutions Management, Reference Models and Alignment Decisioning, that address key challenges businesses face today. Our newest offering is a portal based on-line architect visualization tool.

The Problem

Waterfall and document-heavy approaches have failed. Requirements and solution management must be done in an agile way that recognises that things change and evolve constantly as more information comes to hand. However, agile methods without an agile recording approach are flawed, and document-heavy recording methods are impractical in complex projects.
Effective Delivery Management

To achieve the business outcomes, delivery must be predicated on effective requirements and solution management - if you don't know clearly what you are to deliver (solutions) or why (requirements) you cannot rely on any set of tasks or project plan to achieve the desired outcomes.

Learning organisations (vs governance)

To be useful, reference models, patterns and principles must be applied. If they can be applied to help fast-track and standardise delivery they become tools to cement organisational learning. Gaps and overlaps are defined as a natural by-product of the delivery work.